Real Estate Loan Insurance: Banks Do not Want Termination.

And if the annual cancellation of the mortgage loan insurance passed the trap? This is at least the wish of banks who have filed an appeal with the Constitutional Council. The annual termination must come into effect next January. Annual termination, what is it? Little reminder. Several arrangements have been put in place for the […]

Buying a car on the company – leasing or car loan?

Car financing forms On the one hand, the car facilitates the functioning of the company, but on the other hand it is a considerable expense. This means that the decision related to its purchase requires a thorough analysis of all the possibilities that we have. We have several options for financing purchases. We can use […]

Real Estate Loan Insurance: Improvements for Banks

The Financial Sector Advisory Committee (FSAC) has delivered an opinion on mortgage loan insurance reforms implemented in recent years. Bottom line: Banks can further improve information for borrowers. has more information Termination and substitution of mortgage insurance First, what reforms are we talking about? These are the laws: Cogilaw Company (2010),; separation and regulation […]

Auto credit: 4 hybrid cars to reduce fuel consumption.

Soaring prices at the pump, the origins of the movement of yellow vests, could lead more and more users to buy vehicles that are both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Hybrid powertrains are a relevant alternative, while low rates of car loans encourage you to take the plunge. In order to simulate one ‘s auto […]