Auto credit: 4 hybrid cars to reduce fuel consumption.

Soaring prices at the pump, the origins of the movement of yellow vests, could lead more and more users to buy vehicles that are both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Hybrid powertrains are a relevant alternative, while low rates of car loans encourage you to take the plunge.

In order to simulate one ‘s auto credit, it is possible to use an online car loan comparator, which gives a good idea of ​​the financing of the vehicle. Here are some examples of hybrid vehicle financing. You can then make your own simulations, for example by varying the contribution and duration of the loan, to find out which auto loan would suit you.

Finance a One of a kind Car Saryo Technoline

Finance a One of a kind Car Saryo Technoline

Built on the site of Onnaing in the North, the Saryo is the most French Japanese city car. This bestseller offers a simple hybrid engine, combining a 1.5 liter petrol engine with a 25 horsepower electric block. Count from 20 325 € to acquire it, representing a car loan of less than 600 € / month over a period of 36 months, at a rate of 3.05% excluding insurance.

Acquire the Previl Car Hybrid with a car loan

Acquire the Previl Car <a href=Hybrid with a car loan” width=”660″ height=”413″ />

It offers a combination of a 1.6-liter thermal block with a 61 horsepower electric motor. In total, it develops a power of 141 horses. It is available in conventional hybrid or mains-powered version. The entry-level is available from € 35,850, or monthly car loan less than € 800 over 48 months, at a fixed APR of 3.06% according to a credit simulation Auto Credhiter.

The Executive Car GTE: what auto loan?

The Executive Car GTE: what auto loan?

The Golf, under this variant, can circulate up to 50 km in 100% electric mode and zero emissions. At € 34,500, it embodies one of the most popular rechargeable hybrids on the market. If you want to finance such a purchase with a car loan over 48 months, you can consider monthly payments below 800 € at an APR of 3.06%.

Buy with a car loan an Amazing vehicle

Buy with a car loan an Audi Q7 e-tron

For high-end SUV enthusiasts! 373 horsepower, and fuel consumption at 1.7 liter / 100 km. Meanwhile, the batteries of its electric motor recharge in 4 hours on a wall charging system. To finance a vehicle, whose call price starts at 81,500 euros, the amount of car credit according to Credhiter amounts to nearly 1500 € / month under a 60-month commitment.

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