Auto credit: what helps to buy a green car?

Interested in buying an electric or hybrid car? You may be eligible for the green bonus. The Credither Guide provides an update on the assistance available to drivers.

The ecological bonus, 

The ecological bonus, 

As its name suggests, this is a premium granted to major drivers, domiciled in France, for the purchase of a clean vehicle.

Obviously, modalities must be respected. The first is that the vehicle must be new, that is to say have never been registered, either in France or elsewhere.

If the property was a demonstration vehicle, its acquisition or rental must occur within 12 months of its registration.

There is also an ecological constraint. The vehicle must not emit more than 20 grams of CO²/km.

Regardless of the above conditions, the vehicle must not be resold or sold within 6 months of its registration. He must also have traveled at least 6,000 km.

Electric car: what is the bonus amount?

Electric car: what is the bonus amount?

The bonus awarded varies depending on the order date. If it was ordered or rented before December 31, 2016 and delivered before March 31, 2016, the amount of the aid amounts to 27% of the acquisition cost including VAT, up to € 6,300. If the car is rented, the assistance is increased by the price of the battery.

For orders made from 1 January 2017, the amount also represents 27% of the purchase price, but the ceiling is lowered to € 6,000.

Good to know
Note that it is possible to obtain a conversion bonus if you replace your old diesel (1st registration before January 2006) with a “green” vehicle. Be careful, do not confuse this aid with the scrap premium that no longer exists.

As part of the conversion premium, the vehicle must be surrendered for destruction to an approved VHU (End-of-Life Vehicles) Center within 6 months after the purchase of the vehicle.

How is the ecological bonus paid?

How is the ecological bonus paid?

Two possibilities. Or the dealer agrees to directly apply the bonus on the purchase price including VAT, in which case the bonus must be indicated on the invoice.

Or you send your bonus application to the Service and Payment Agency (ASP) after the purchase of the vehicle.

Finance your electric vehicle with a car loan

Finance your <a href=electric vehicle with a car loan” />

You are interested in buying an electric vehicle? Do you need a car loan to finance it? Do not hesitate to consult our barometer to know the evolution of current auto credit rates.


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