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Easy Cash is part of APRO Financial Poland. The brand is part of the global financial group APRO Service Group, which is a leader on the market of bank loans in Korea and is actively developing in China. The company has been in existence since 1999 and for all these years has specialized in granting non-bank loans, conquering the Far East market. It has been operating on the Polish market since 2014 and since then has been making every effort to be a professional advisor to its clients at every step leading to the receipt of a loan.
At Easy Cash, you can take a loan in 3 ways: through the Agent, by submitting an online application and by phone during a conversation with a Customer Service consultant.

Easy Cash – payday loan up to 30 days

Easy Cash - payday loan up to 30 days

This offer is addressed to people between 20 and 65 years old, possessing Polish citizenship and being registered in Poland and having a minimum income of at least PLN 1000 net. At Easy Cash, we can apply for an amount from 500 up to 5000 PLN. The payday repayment period is always 30 days regardless of the amount of the contract. We can apply for a maximum amount of PLN 5,000 with the first loan! Easy Cash checks its clients in the database of debtors (Credit Information Bureau, Economic Information Bureau, ERIF Register of Debtors).

Installment loan up to 36 months

Installment loan up to 36 months

With this solution, the requirements for a potential lender are the same as for a short-term loan. When deciding on a long-term loan at Easy Cash, we can apply for an amount ranging from PLN 1,000 up to PLN 20,000. There are three pay-back periods to choose from: 12, 24 or 36 months. The installment loan in Easy Cash is one of the cheapest offers on the non-bank market.

Inference Process

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Registration in the system consists of providing basic data and takes literally a moment, after registration you will receive an activation link, which will automatically return you to the login page. Then set the amount and repayment period and click “TAKE”. When our application goes for verification, a consultant will contact us for additional information. The next step involves sending an ID card scan and proof of income. Then make a verification transfer of PLN 0.01 to your bank account or PLN 1.00 if you choose the BlueCash quick transfer service. We will receive the contract in both traditional and electronic form, and cash will be credited to our account as soon as we accept our loan application.

Extension of the repayment date – costs

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Easy Cash gives us the opportunity to extend the payday payday payable if we get a leg and we are unable to pay it back on time. Unfortunately, we will have to pay for such an extension. If we decided on a loan of a minimum amount of PLN 500, an extension of another 30 days will cost us PLN 90, while if we borrowed a maximum amount of PLN 5,000, such extension will cost PLN 900. Easy Cash does not give us the option to extend the repayment date for another period than 30 days, and the amount we pay for the extension is equal to the administrative fee – 18%.

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